COVID-19 Cleaning services

covid-19 cleaning services

COVID-19 Cleaning

Used by government agencies in locations such as FBI and Secret Service, we use a powerful, patented decontaminate, and cleaning solution that neutralizes both biological and chemical contaminants. Our solution tackles the toughest contaminations, neutralizing toxic and/or deadly chemicals, bacteria, and viruses within minutes. Approved by the EPA and given their monogram, the our solution has proven it kills the COVID-19 viral spores. This product is currently being used in 18 countries to deal with COVID-19 and is the only product in the world that can fracture and denature the anthrax spore (hardest spore in the world to fracture and denature). Furthermore, it’s the only product in the world that can provide many other benefits in a single use killing up to 99.99999% of the germ.
  • It is completely biodegradable and turns to non-potable water so any residual unused product can be poured down the drain.
  • It is noncorrosive and safe on all surfaces and fabrics.
  • It is effective in killing over 10 million virus spores. (The closest active disinfectant can kill thousands of spores not even close to one million let alone over 10 million.)
  • Our decontaminate is currently used in over 300,000,000 (300 million) square feet of food processing facilities worldwide.